Friday, 9 September 2011

List of Projects and photos

Firstly; thankyou again for commenting. I'm STILL having issues replying. Mangogirl I may have to email you.

I'm nearly finished the applique quilt I was working on (one more 9 patch border to go). And then I have a list of things I need to work on.

1. I found a tiny bit of backstitch I missed on the fairy design for WOXS
2. Sun
3. Sampler for ECS mag, featuring a rose and a psotive saying

It's nice to kknow that my list of 'to do' is so pleasureable.

A few weeks ago I took my daughter to a small quilt show and we had some lovely mum and daughter time. I totally forgot to share the photos with you.

A height chart cross stitch, finished as a quilt.
 Some lovely picture applique
 This was Anna's favourite quilt. She does like bright colours!
 We'd been talking about log cabin blocks and I took this one to illustrate how different colours in different places produce different effects. There was also one that had same tones around the outside and a bright red (as the central hearth in the log cabin). But my stupid camera chewed up the batteries again.


  1. I sometimes feel like I'm the Queen of lists! I have list for everything!lol
    Love the pictures of the quilts, the colours are gorgeous. I'm in agreement with your daughter, that pink one is fantastic.
    Hope you manage to get all your stitching done!

  2. I love the pink quilt, it's so pretty and simple