Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fuchsia Sampler

My newest design is this art nouveau style sampler. Pardon the slightly crooked photo - it is actually straight on the fabric, I just took the photo on my ironing board.

The editor I do most of my work for says she is always lookign for samplers, so I have a pretty good feelign she'll include this in her next issue.

It's stitched on a plain white Belfast linen. The other thing that is not tht obvious in this photo is the little pale yellow stitches at the end of the flower stamens.

I adore fuchsias, but I always manage to kill them because I'm not consistent with watering. Maybe this spring I'll have another go.

But anyway, I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse of my newest design,


  1. Oh my word that is beautiful. Fuchsia's are my favourite flowers. Please let me know what mag it will be in so I can try and get a copy.

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  3. Very nice! Love the colours. :)

  4. One of my favourite flowers too! Lovely sampler, Jenni, I bet that one will be really popular stitchers!

  5. Beautiful! The colors are lovely.

  6. ooo interesting :) pretty colours!