Monday, 23 July 2012

Free Fairy Chart For Followers in July

Hi Everyone,
as promised I have a free chart for everyone who came accross from the Crafty Princess blog.
This sweet little fairy is called Raven hair and I'm sure she would look nice on a card.And to reward my loyal followers, it's available to everyone who is following my in July. So if you know someone who would like a free fairy chart, why don't you suggest they follow my blog?
Of course this is a simulation, I havent' actually stitched her. If you do stitch her, send me a photo and I'll put it up on this here blog.

To claim the chart you only need to send me an email so that I have your address to send it to. It will come back to you as a PDF file which you can stitch from the screen or print out.

I will have a new free chart for followers next month. If you have a request you can add it in a comment and I'll consider it.

Thanks again for you support everyone,
XXX 000


  1. The fairy is really cute. I would love a copy of the chart please. I'm not sure how soon it would get stitched though!

    My email is

  2. Sure Shebafudge ... it's all part of the stash right? :)
    I'll send it now, thanks for following.

  3. Miamina posted a pic of your little fairy on her blog. I love her!! Those wings are beautiful.

    I would love a copy, please. Rather than posting my email address here, if you don't mind, click on me to contact.


  4. Such a cute design, Jenni!

  5. such a cute design :D send it our to me too :D