Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dugga's Quilt

Last weekend my father in law turned 70. My mum (Sandra) and I got together to make him a quilt to mark the occaision. That's my mum on the left, then me, Dugga and Annalese (my daughter).
If you are wondering why he is called 'Dugga' ... when my son was a baby my father in law, Norman (Dugga) would go up to James ( my son) and go 'Dugga, dugga, dugga' like a plane coming in to attack and tickle him. Somehow James decided that this what what he was goign to say every time Norman came near. So he wasn't known as Grandad as we originally planned, but became known as Dugga.

The wording on the quilt refers to Dugga's origins. He is from Liverpool in England where the locals are known as Scousers. And the quilt is red and white squares to celebrate the colours of the Liverpool football team.

Each red square is actually a pinwheel block made of different red patterned material. Annalese sewed two of the pinwheel blocks and they are so good I lost track of which ones she had sewn. And the white material in between has little fleur de lis printed white on white.

On the back of the quilt I used polar fleece which is really soft and warm. It's only quilted in teh ditch of the square seams.

Dugga seemed to really like his quilt, though he said it could have done with pockets for his remotes!!!!

Now that Dugga's quilt is finished I had better hurry up and design some more cross stitches as my editor just informed me she used the last one I gave her in the next issue.


  1. such a lovely is truly so beautiful and very special.
    big hugs xxx

  2. What a wonderful gift....and well done to your daughter for doing such a fab job in helping.