Monday, 3 October 2011

Rhona's Design

I had a little break form stitching m y major project to do a little card for a swap I'm in. It seemed the perfect opportunity to try my new design from Tangled Threads.

Sorry Rhona, I made a mistake in the blue oval and couldn't be bothered unpicking, so the flowers went a bit wonky, but I still think it looks lovely.
I think it took me about 5 hours in total.
I hope the recipient likes it too.


  1. I cant see any wonky flowers! It looks great.

  2. it is really very sweet ..well done xx

  3. Can't see the wonky flowers? Ah ha! That's because you don't have the design in front of you. Rhona's flowers are much nicer than I have stitched here.
    But I'm glad it still looks OK. Rhona is a terrific designer and I want to do her charts justice.