Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hard At it

Hi all,
sorry I've been a bit lax posting lately ... I've been too busy stitching you see!
Here is the last progress shot I took of my latest work. I won't be able to post a finished pic for about 6 months when it's published in ECS though.
It's all finished now apart from the backstitching on the rose and the saying reads 'Be your own best Friend'.

There is a little sotry behind that saying.
I tend to beat myself up a lot with destructive thoughts. And someone told me 'you wouldn't talk to a friend like that, so why do you let yourself say those things to yourself? You should be your own best friend and be kind to yourself.'

I liked what he said so much that I've taken this part as a sort of motto. And now when I start thinking 'Oh I'm so fat' or 'I'm no good' I remember this saying and think about what a friend would tell me if I said those things and I make those comments aloud to myself. Like; 'Well, you are quite curvy, but you have really nice legs' ... or something similar.

So, next time you are beating yourself up - Be your own best friend and say something nice to yourself.


  1. hello dear, cute stitching and lovely saying..i mostly talk to myself too..now a days i am saying to myself that "you thinking too much"lol..
    love and hugs for you dear friend xxx

  2. I can understand exactly where you are coming from with your story. The sampler is so beautiful, such a shame we can't see the finished article sooner! I really love your designs, you'll have to set up your own online shop to start selling them soon!

  3. This is a lovely piece Jenni and I love the story behind it.
    You'll have to post pics of the magazine so we can see it when it's published!

  4. Thankyou all. What lovely comments.
    I will set up the online shop in 2012. I need to finish my teaching obligations this year and then I can focus on my stitching and designing.
    But I absolutely promise to put a photo of this one up when it's published.

  5. OH yes, and Be your own best friend everyone!

  6. That is a lovely saying. And the stitching is looking wonderful :D

  7. That's a really sensible saying, I might have to try it some time. And the sampler looks gorgeous!