Thursday, 19 June 2014

Jenni Herring Rose and Feathers

Yesterday I finished quilting this rather large quilt by Jenni Herring.
She chose the art nouveau roses as an edge to edge for the center and feathers for the border.

I popped it on my bed to take some photos ans also so that you could see the size. You can't really see it in the photo but it hangs well over the end of the bed even when over the top of the pillows.
 I hope the lucky recipient is very pleased ... and I can't see why she wouldn't be. It's a wonderful quilt.

And now on to the next one which is another why from Jenni. This one has motor bikes features on the material and will be quilted with flames.

See you again soon


  1. The quilting looks wonderful on this beautiful quilt!

    1. Thanks RachaelDaisy. I must admit I'm a little envious of the recipient. LOL

  2. Beautiful! Those roses are wonderful.

    1. Thanks so much Rhona, it's a lot of fun to quilt that pattern too.