Sunday, 5 January 2014

Here's to a New Year

I've started with a new design.
This may look like a pillow ...
Well, it kind of is. It's a quillow. It's a quilt which has a pocket at the back. you can then fold the whole quilt inside itself to make a pillow.

The snow flake design is for the Winter edition of Patchwork and Stitching (on sale later in 2014).
The quilt has 3 applique snow flakes and 3 pieced blocks all set in a checkerboard style with this wonderful snowflake fabric I found at Penrith Patchwork.

Once I've finished writing the instructions for this quilt it's off to the magazine for photography.

Next week I plan to work on a very large fairy applique quilt to show at the Springwood Quilt show which is coming up.

I also need to work on my '10' entry for the Australasian quilt show.

Guess I'm starting the year off as busy as ever!


  1. Love your snowflake quillow. My kids had quillows made for them years ago and they still use them...they've been hauled everywhere...beach holidays, sleepovers, even off to uni!

    Glad your busy...hope everything is going well on the design side of life....any more cross stitch commissions?

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Rhona ... I have a few cross stitch designs in at the magazine waiting for the right issue. I never get commissions, just complete projects in the hope they will be accepted.

    How are you going on that side of things?