Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Can't hide it forever

This is clue number 6, and it's becoming obvious what it is now. Well, I tried to fool you, but I had to stitch the main figure eventually! So tell me what it is and I'll enter you into the draw for the $20 gift voucher from the stitching post.

 There have already been 2 correct guesses and they get 10 and 8 entries respectively. The next three correct answers get 6,4 and 2 entries. But don't forget you can get more entries by mentioning the competition on your blog or other site and letting me know by email that you've posted a link.
And here is a pic of the pin cushion I made (mostly) while on my anniversary break. It was so much fun I couldn't stop. But now that it is finished I have gone back to stitching the pink thing (you probably know what it is now!)

Thanks again everyone for following or reading my blog.


  1. i think it is a peacock or lyre bird,so pretty Jenni.xx

  2. now i am thinking a pink flamingo.x

  3. Aww sweet pin cushion..I love it xx
    I posted about your blog on my twitter :)
    Let me think what it is ?

    1. thankyou so much Cucki - extra entries for you then!

  4. Hmmm it's a lady angel ..or a little girl ..
    Or a lady ;)

  5. Nope, still absolutely no idea! :D

  6. Cute pin cushion - very pretty!