Thursday, 9 May 2013

What? Christmas already??

Well it is time to do Christmas projects if you want them to make it into the magazine later in the year. Projects need to be into the magazine around 6 months before publication, and then the magazine needs to get it out a little before Christmas.
So here is a pic of my messy WIP Christmas 2013 quilt.

Those of you who have known me a little while know that I have a small part time job at a day care centre to pay the bills until my designing work can support me ... well things aren't looking great at the centre. There are plans to bring in a trainee, who would cost half of what I do to pay per hour. That will mean my hours will be cut to virtually nothing (yeah so much for loyalty and the value of expertise!). What that means is, I have to find other work. I am looking around, but there isn't a lot of part time work in my area that I am qualified or experience enough to do.

I'm going to apply for an activity co-ordinator position which I think would suit me nicely. However, the fact that I think it will suit me, does not mean I'll get the job (sad but true LOL). It is more hours than I'm doing now which would mean I'd have to scale back the design work.

Well I'll keep you posted on what happens,
thanks for reading
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  1. hope it all works out for you Jenni.xx

    1. Thankyou so much for your kind comments. I will need to just wait and see what happens I think.

  2. Sadly experience doesn't count these days. Hope you manage to find something else.
    Christmas projects seem to get earlier and earlier for designers - it feels like Xmas all year long!

    1. well I will have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for your well wishes.

      And yes, I think I'll do some more Christmas craft actually at Christmas this year, then it will be done slightly early for 2014!

  3. Fingers crossed something comes along to allow you to work and carry designing.

    Hope the Christmas quilt works out as you want it :)

    1. It's coming along nicely so far.
      Thanks for your well wishes. I'm fairly confident that it will all work out in the end.