Friday, 26 April 2013

2013 Springwood Quilt Show

This morning I had a look aorund the Springwood Annual Quilt Show with my mum. There were lots of lovely quilts on display.
Here's me with my entry - Mermaid on the Rocks. The pattern for this will be available from May 1st.
I'm still wearing the white glove you have to wear if you want to look at the back of the quilts. I wanted to take a peek at binding treatment and labels this year, to make sure I was doing them right ... I'm pretty sure I got them right.
The only prize at this show is a viewer's choice. This one was my choice. It is all hand appliqued and quilted. What a massive achievement.
 This one was mum's favourite and her pick for the viewer's choice. The outside borders are done with machine embroidery in tiles and then sewn together.
 We were only allowed to choose one quilt for viewer's choice, but this one came in a close second for me.The blues together were striking and some of the applique images were quite art nouveau in style all though the quitl was called symbols of Japan.
 This one was my third choice and the first quitl I noticed as I walked in. The photo doesn't really do the colours justice.
I met the owner of this quilt as I was admiring it. It took her a year to finish (she had a young son in tow, so no woner really). It has lots of really pretty details like applique butterflies and stitchery. She said it was well worth the effort and I agree with her totally.

Most of the quilts were on a larger scale than mine. I'm not sure the smaller quilts get much attention and I would like to spinsir an award for the smaller quilt next year (if it is permitted).

Mum and I also enjoyed looking at the trader stalls and I bought a few buttons and a pile of used magazines.

Hope you enjoyed this small snapshot of a very successful show,


  1. Gorgeous quilts! You'll have to give us a close up of your quilt Jenni, it looks beautiful!

  2. I loved your quilt Look forward to seeing the pattern
    You must get a real kick out of seeing your patterns in print

  3. Beautiful Quilts. I just started quilting so can appreciate how much work and talent is required. Still yet to complete a full quilt yet but loving it. Your mermaid on the rocks is stunning Jenni!
    Alicia xo