Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I'm going to participate in International Hermit and stitch weekend this weekend. I have a Christmas party to go to on Saturday afternoon, but the rest of the weekend is MINE!
I'm well into a gypsy cross stitch for ECS magazine. I may even get that doen by Saturday ... hmmm? Who am I kidding? But I will be close. So when that is done I'll finish the reindeer I started a few weeks ago. I took him away to the beach with me last weekend and managed to do a few threads.

Angie let me know that my love birds were advertised for the next WOXS mag. I'm very excited. I haven't seen it stitched yet, or made up into an item which is very unusual for me.

I'll post on Saturday for the IHSW.


  1. Oooo, can't wait to see your design in WOXS! Is that issue 198 or 199? The mags are always about a month late here, but I'll keep my eye open for it.... a great excuse to keep visiting the craft store! ;)

    1. Sorry Rhona, I'm not sure. But I'll post when I know.

    2. It's in Issue 199, which goes on sale 3rd January 2013!

  2. Happy hermitting dear and congrats for your design coming in the mag xx

  3. Hello

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment.
    Your blog is lovely.
    I think designing is very clever and will look out for your piece in WOXS.
    Good luck for IHSW!

  4. jenni i'm so very happy for you!! your stitching is really taking off !! congrats , you mentioned beach and you guys are probably going through Summer while were freezing up north
    thank you so much for dropping my blog it's been a while we did catching up , hope all is well with the family , happy holidays merry christmas to all of you xoxo ~Kat~