Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hi Everyone.
I hope you saw the cross stitch gallery page I put up.
I'm currently working on a quilt which has confused chameleons on it. They got into my stash and didn't know what colour to change to ... so they went psychadelic.
There are 6 Chameleons in all different patterend fabric (you can just see the prurple and the pink one in this photo). And they are scampering around on a pieced background of 4 large blocks of different stars.
Today I'm quilting the layers together. It's coming up really nicely. I hope it will be published in April next year. It's kind of frustrating that it takes 6 months for things to make it out onto the news stands. But having put together an art book years ago (which took the best part of 10 months to set up) I understand all the organisation and work that goes on behind the scenes in the publishing world.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this little preview. I made a vlog showing the stitching of the applique around the lizards. I need to compress it, but once my son has shown me how to do that, I'll post a link.

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