Thursday, 13 September 2012

Out Of Practice and Progress

The editor gave me the nod and I started work on the Rainbow butterfly. I must be out of practice because the first few rows were wrong. I didn't find out until I'd gone on much further ahead. But luckily it was easy to unpick. Then I made a major boo boo on the rainbow swirl and didn't find out until I'd already switched to a new colour. It was far too much to unpick, and the rows were four stitches out, so I altered the design. :) That's one of the advantages of being the designer I guess. It made hte swirl four stitches shorter ... I doubt you can tell. Anyway, here's what I've done so far.
I had a day off from the child care work today to stitch which is why I got so far. But it's back to work again tomorrow.

One more week until the staff member I'm replacing returns. I've now found out that I have only 5 permanent hours next term. There will be probably another 5 hours a week most weeks as long as the numbers stay high. But this is brilliant news. It means I can still count on some income coming in regularly but I'll be able to focus more on the designing (and blogging too, I realise I've slowed down a lot with my entries lately).

I'm pretty sure I've missed showing you some published photos so I'll go through my blog tomorrow and get you updated on what is available in which issue.

See you soon


  1. Very pretty! We'll never miss the four stitches. ;-)

  2. Love the colours...and the sparkles too!

  3. Thankyou Karen and Rhona, I just knew this sparkly fabric had to have something magical and girly on it. And as no one saw the original chart, I think you'd be hard pushed tp notice a differenc (I hope LOL)

  4. Beautiful stitching. such a pretty design. I lovve the colours and it helps being a designer.