Friday, 15 June 2012


I haven't had any luck with the Country Angel yet. The first editor decided it wasn't their style. The second editor hasn't gotten back to me and I have to mail it to the third as I don't have her email.

Meanwhile I've been working on an applique piece called Breeze

She is quite a complicated design with 40 individual pieces of fabric to cut and sew around. The background fabric is another one of my hand dyed pieces. But I'm very happy with how she turned out. And hopefully she will find someone to publish her quickly.
There is some talk of me doing workshops at a local patchwork shop. But I need to come up with some more designs for them. Breeze is too big. I can't find anyone to print the size of the pattern other than magazines. So I'll be doign some smaller designs that fit on A3 paper and making thme up in the next month.

There's still been no luck (???) on the part time job front. I was surprised I didn't even get an interview for the one I thought I was a shoe in for. Perhaps its all a sign? I continue to design and submit until something happens one way or the other.

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