Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Its Over!!!!! and new beginnings

I'm suffering from project exhaustion. Not from any craft related project I'm happy to say - but from Teaching. Today was my last day. I came home at 3:45 and told my husband (who was working from home) that I was taking some painkillers and going to bed. Then I slept for three hours.

I woke up much happier. I had a few dreams about saying goodbye to teaching, which I feel were very healthy.

From this moment on, I am a full time designer.
It feels very strange. I'm very happy, yet there is just a little seed of doubt.

But I'm sure it's going to be fine.

I finished a beaded headband yesterday. The editor of 'Beading' likes my work so I'm sure we'll be working together for a while there.

I have the screen printed mermaid to work on tomorrow (as I'm working to a deadline). And then it's back to finishing off Butterfly Princess.

I might have a few days off for Christmas ... maybe. LOL


  1. WooHoo...CONGRATULATIONS! Here's to new beginnings! Wishing you every success as a full-time designer.